The Additional Benefits of College

I’ve said it time and time again education is a game changer.  What I mean by that is that an education can open doors for you and change your course of direction.  Although I conduct numerous workshops on college preparation and career planning, I do not necessarily believe a traditional college or university experience is right for everyone.   However, I certainly believe that there is value in receiving formal and structured training beyond the high school level.

Additional training after high school, can allow you to become surrounded by likeminded individuals that want more out of life.  Whether you are on a college campus or participating in a skilled trade program this exposure can be invaluable because you are learning both inside and outside the classroom.  Oftentimes friendships are formed, business partnerships are developed and romances can blossom.

Such training is also a way to gain real world applications and challenge you.  In college I completed two journalism internships and I had the opportunity to interview Oprah Winfrey.  Despite the fact that I chose not to continue in the communications field, I am proud that I had the chance to do those things.  I would not have been afforded any of those opportunities if I had not been in school.  Not one of those things would have crossed my path if I had not been in the proper place or position to seize them.  That’s exactly what higher education is for many.  It is a gateway to explore new possibilities that you may not otherwise have access to learn about.

Higher education is about, creating more options for yourself.  The sooner a person can identify what they enjoy and what areas they excel in the more prepared they are for life beyond high school.  Not to mention, there is a deep level fulfillment and sense of accomplishment that comes from completing training after high school.  There are so many wonderful colleges and programs for students to take advantage of.  Whether you are interested in a degree, certifications or a vocational program, it is necessary in this day and age to receive the knowledge and the skills that are required for your particular career.  There is something out there for nearly everyone and the key is to find out what path best suits you.

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