Top 10 College Fair Tips

Strategies From a Pro

Parents it’s college fair season again. I love this time of year. It’s the time of year when seniors should be narrowing their focus and submitting applications to their top schools. When I was a college representative I often encountered students and parents who weren’t really sure what to do or what questions to ask the representatives. So, here’s a quick top 10 list to use for college fairs.
For High School Seniors & Parents:

1) Determine what criteria are most important to you and your student and make a list or spreadsheet of the schools that are the closest matches for what you are looking for.

2) Consider the following and prioritize which factors are most important: GPA requirements, Average ACT or SAT scores, Acceptance Rate/ percentage of applicants accepted, Costs, Financial Aid options, Class Sizes, Entertainment, Size of Campus, Housing rules, In state vs out of state, Location rural or urban, Typical background of the students, Campus Activities, College Ranking, Reputation of the school, Campus crime statistics, History of the college

3) Review what colleges will be attending the college fair, select the schools you are most interested in and research them.

4) Think of 3 – 5 well developed questions for the representatives of your top schools and learn about the various scholarships available

5) Review the admissions requirements of the schools you have selected.

6) Make a college folder or envelope. This will help you to stay organized.

7) Keep an unofficial copy of your transcripts handy. If you have a chance to speak with one of the college representatives of a school you may get to share with the representative.

8) Keep sealed copies of your transcripts handy and place them in your folder. Some colleges allow on site application submissions and this can put you a step ahead of the game.

9) Learn about similar colleges. I always say that there is a college for everyone. If you are open to learning about other possibilities you may wind up finding a school that fits better than any of the other schools you selected.

10) Bring a sheet of address labels. Students and parents are often filling out inquiry forms for several schools and your time may be limited. Using address labels with your student’s name is a way to expedite this process.

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