Top Earning Degree Programs at Spartanburg Community College

As some of you may know, a few weeks ago I had the opportunity to meet with Daryl Smith, the Executive Director of the Cherokee Campus for Spartanburg Community College.  I was so excited after the meeting!  I’m always excited to hear about innovative technical programs for non-traditional students that yield great salaries.  We discussed several of the opportunities that they have available. I’ve mentioned a couple of them below.

The Cherokee campus is a branch campus for the larger SCC campus. The Cherokee Campus features many unique and specialized degree programs that offer a world of opportunity.  One such program is their Radiation Protection Technician Program.  This is a program offered through a partnership with Duke Energy.  This degree program consists of general education courses, two hands on paid internships and prepares graduates for immediate employment.  With an Associates degree in this highly specialized career path, graduates can earn about $40,000.  If they continue on to complete a Bachelors Degree they make nearly $100K/ year.  Not bad.

Another unique program is their Mechatronics program which is a blend of Electrical courses, Electronics, Industrial Engineering and Robotics.  Many of the students participating in this program are a part of the BMW Scholars Program where tuition reimbursement and part-time employment are benefits.  This is offered through a partnership with BMW.  With an Associates degree in this field graduates can earn about $20/hour.

If you or someone you know is a hands on learner, willing to get dirty, has decent math skills, and is a great problem solver then visit the SCC website for more information.

These along with other great occupation related programs are available.  For more information please visit

SCC Cherokee Campus Open House 3/10/15, 4pm-7pm

EW tech job 3

EW tech job 4

EW tech job 2

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