Autism Speaks: College Internship Program – (Autism/Aspergers)

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I was so excited to hear about this program (CIP-College Internship Program)! Someone very close to me shared this information from the Autism Speaks website. She has been instrumental in helping me understand about Autism and being on the spectrum.     Anyone with a loved one that has specific learning differences or has been diagnosed with disorders on the Autism spectrum, knows the unique challenges it presents. Parents often wrestle with understanding how to best meet the needs of these children and resources are often very limited.

I’m obviously a big supporter of education. I believe we have to identify the gaps in our educational system in order for all of us to be more successful. Despite the fact that approximately 1 out of 68 children now fall on the autism spectrum, there seems to be so few programs that specialize in helping them become productive independent adults. I would even dare say that in many instances, we in this nation spend more money on non violent criminals than on college prep and occupational programs for law abiding citizens with learning differences. The more help we can provide to these young people the better.

I’m glad that there is now greater awareness on this issue and that this program exists. The cost of the program is extremely high but, in the spirit of true economics, my hope is that once more and more programs like this become more popular perhaps the costs will be driven down. In the meantime I will follow up with FAFSA to see if something like this may be covered. I will report my findings back here on the blog in a couple weeks. Also the Autism Speaks website has some information on grant opportunities and the vocational rehab offices in many areas can provide some assistance as well. Please share any information regarding Educational and Career Opportunities that would help these young people to become productive, independent adults.

College Internship Program

Notable Celebrities with autistic children include: Holly Robinson-Peete, Toni Braxton, and Jenny McCarthy

Holly Robinson Peete

Toni Braxton

Autism Live

CNN Link

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