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Jamila Freelain is the owner and founder of Encouraging Words Consulting. The primary focus of Encouraging Words Academic Consulting is college planning and career readiness training for adults and high school students. The mission of Encouraging Words is to help individuals learn the about the college preparation process and reduce the level of debt associated with one’s college education. The seminars are designed to enhance the college planning process as well as enrich the lives of the participants with useful tips and extremely important information. Each of these interactive seminars is customized for the specific audience that is being addressed.

Jamila is a dynamic speaker with energy and insight that is sure to enlighten and motivate any audience. She is originally from the Chicago area and she has worked within college admissions and recruiting for nearly eighteen years. With her vast knowledge and experience in this area she has worked with thousands of students, along with hundreds of parents and educators. She has conducted more than 5,000 college related workshops.

She has a contagious enthusiasm for each presentation she conducts. The presentations contain engaging activities, memorable illustrations, relevant poems, witty quotes and great reviews in order to reinforce the lessons and major points that are being made. You are sure to enjoy her workshops and learn about ways to improve the College Planning process.

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